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Q. What should you look for in a web designer/developer?
A. When shopping for a web designer/developer to create your site, it's essential to look at examples of the designer's work. Does the designer's style appeal to you? Is the style benefiting of the message to be conveyed? Are the sites easy to navigate? Do they load quickly? Are they accessible to all? Does the developer possess the programming skills you require? And don't forget the details—are there broken links, grammatical errors, or misspelled words which undermine your professionalism?

Q. What happens after I request a quote?
A. Once Setisbew receives your bid request, you will be contacted for an initial consultation. There is no charge for this meeting which can take place face-to-face, over the phone, or through e-mail correspondence. During the consultation, key issues such as your purpose, your message, the approach, and the ambiance of your website are discussed. Once the criteria are established, setisbew will prepare a proposal restating your specifications, outlining a course of action, and providing pricing and completion details.

Q. But what if I don't know anything about websites or even what I want?
A. Don't worry if you're not yet sure what you want—Setisbew specializes in working with the uninitiated. We'll help you identify your needs, offer solutions, and explain the entire website development process to you from beginning to end in terms you can understand.

Q. What should I do to get ready for the first consultation?
A. Here are some suggestions for preparing for your initial meeting:

Find examples of websites you like and note the addresses
Identify your audience
Define your objectives
Think about the site organization
Provide existing tagline, logo, or artwork
Generate possible domain names (web addresses)
Consider the color scheme for your site

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